Affiliate Disclosure

Affiliate Disclosure


Here at Electrical Engineering X, we believe in being transparent about partnerships with other companies that help fund the free content we provide. As an independently owned site, we partner with various reputable brands to connect our readers with related products or services that may be of interest or value to them.

This Affiliate Disclosure page explains how affiliate relationships work on our site. Please read on to understand how we use affiliate links ethically to fund quality engineering education content for our community.

Affiliate Relationships

Certain links on our site are affiliate links to partner companies or online retailers. If you click one of these affiliate links and purchase a product or service we recommend, we receive a small commission payment from the partner site at no extra cost to you.

Rest assured we only recommend tools, resources, and providers that we have personally used and feel deliver real value to electrical engineering students based on our domain expertise. We do in-depth vetting to select only reputable partners committed to service and quality like we are.

Transparency and Honesty

We follow FTC requirements for clearly disclosing when links or content are part of an affiliate relationship. There are no paid reviews or sneaky tactics. Just honest recommendations of products or services our team uses and loves!

We welcome reader feedback and strictly enforce high standards with our partners, discontinuing any relationship that does not meet expectations. Our readers come first.

Site Funding

The small commissions we earn from affiliate partnerships help offset the costs of researching, writing, editing, hosting, and maintaining this educational site for the EE community. Affiliate ads also allow us to provide most of our content free of charge rather than using paywalls or subscriptions. Our goal is spreading engineering knowledge, not maximizing profit.

We hope this page explains how affiliate links work on our site to recommend helpful resources transparently and ethically. Please reach out if you ever have any questions!